Project Overview

Strathclyde University were in the process of reopening their Student Accommodation blocks in Glasgow City Centre due to the high demand for such properties in the City. Amongst other things the full Fire Alarm System was required to be completely overhauled and quickly.

As their incumbent Term Contractor, we were asked by the University to provide costs and specifications for a Fire Alarm Changeover from an old and obsolete Protec type system to a brand new Analogue Addressable solution which was modern, fit for purpose and programmable. We specified a Gent by Honeywell solution which has multi sensors for the reduction of false alarms and sophisticated cause and effect programming including things such as double knock and combined detection and notification devices.


This Project came about at breakneck speed and was required to be completed in a similar vein with it running in conjunction with University Term Times and the migration of students to and from their on-campus accommodation.

We provided the appropriate labour to ensure that the works were broken down into phases of works to bring the Project to a conclusion with no hiccups and in the background worked doggedly with the Manufacturer to guarantee the equipment we required was available and delivered as and when required.

We were commended by the University upon commissioning and handover for our flexibility in working with numerous responsible parties both off and on site to ensure the Programme of Works was followed and completed within time.

47-63 Rottenrow East, Glasgow G4 0NG

Contract Duration
2-month initial Installation and ongoing Preventative Maintenance

Strathclyde University

Fire Alarm System