Project Overview

We were asked by Arthur McKay to aid in the Fire Alarm design and installation works of the vast Amazon Warehouse in Bathgate. Due to it being such a huge open space with high risk and substantially valued materials housed within we brought in our recommended manufacturer, Honeywell Gent, to work alongside us in the design of a multi-panelled Aspirating solution.

With Honeywell Gent’s design input, we supplied full design brief drawings inclusive of all pipe lengths, hole quantities and sizes and varying fan speeds on every Panel proposed. They also aided us in supplying full O&M design proposals to be passed prior to the works commencing on site.

Subsequent to the initial install we were further requested to provide a design proposal for the 2 external Gatehouse buildings. The challenge with these buildings, albeit small, was the requirement to link them back to the main system with no easily accessible cable routes either under or over ground. To combat this, we specified the use of a wireless transmitters and receiver to allow radio communication to both outbuildings for fire and fault at the Main Indication Panel.

380 Strand Drive, Bathgate EH48 2EA

Contract Duration
Initial Installation 4 months. Further works 1 month.

Arthur McKay Building Services

Fire Alarm Installation (Aspirating)